• Kim Roulston- Bates

    'Laura has been treating our Endurance horses all season and they have been feeling great. Laura works closely with us in between events to ensure the horses are kept as supple as possible. She leaves us with maintenance work to do throughout the following block of training and she is always there at the end of the phone if we ever have any questions or need advice. Laura is a fundamental part of our team and we will continue to use her on our horses''

    Kim Roulston- Bates
  • Maggis Hannis

    "Laura has treated my horses since 2011 in Guernsey and been professional thorough, reliable and consistent. Laura has great people and horse relationship skills (all important) which all add to the technical and practical skills that she demonstrates with every treatment (complimented with a diagram and notes). As you can see, I and my horse are a fan! "

    Maggis Hannis
  • Judith Gannon
    We got Ruby over a year ago now, she wasn't the horse you see in this photo, she was overweight and unfit. Laura has worked on Ruby since we've had her, helping to get and keep her supple, Ruby loves her pamper time and Olivia can feel the difference Laura has made. Very happy all round
    Judith Gannon
  • Melissa Jessop
    Laura was asked to do Reiki on me after I was diagnosed with grade 2 endometrial cancer. Her treatment was absolutely fabulous and I definitely found a difference in how I felt pre op. I was totally relaxed and was able to cope a lot more with my diagnosis. I am now cancer free and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Laura for the reiki treatment. Look forward to another session. Kind regards Melissa
    Melissa Jessop
  • Tabitha Clews
    Laura omg your incredible. Can I please book you again? For a reading party and for myself for Reiki ??? I have never ever meet such a talented lady. You where so calming and 100% spot on. I will be recommending you to everyone
    Tabitha Clews
  • Laura Barby
    Hi Laura thank you again for a great evening on Friday. I am truly amazed by your abilities and your reading has really helped me make some tough decisions so a massive thank you. I put some crystals on Jack's door frame like you suggested and he slept through last night for the first time in weeks - amazing. Thank you so much and would love to see you again soon for some Reiki and another reading x
    Laura Barby
  • Tallulah Ward
    What an amazing experience. fixed my shoulder, I'm sleeping better and general energy levels up with a much clearer head space. I can't thank you enough!
    Tallulah Ward
  • Sarah Lucas
    Laura working her Reiki magic on a ex racehorse rescue that finds being in the stable very stressful, until now
    Sarah Lucas
  • Maureen Grainger
    Amazing massage which i was pain free afterwards thanks to Lauras expertise x Reiki to was awesome released inner negativity and Lauras prediction came true and very happy now thanks to Laura .
    Maureen Grainger
  • Hannah Daisy
    Armitage I think this picture says it all for leo! He absolutely loves you and his knees have been so much better since you have worked your pony magic on him
    Hannah Daisy
  • Hannah Leslie
    I have had laura see my horses for three years now, and once to myself for massage therapy. Mrs magic hands is the only reason my Luna is sound to ride again! And my back never felt better after my session, I refuse to use anyone else for my herd or me!
    Hannah Leslie
  • Bev Cardall
    Laura worked on my horse after being given used previously pulling trap and she did massage and improve ed all muscle tones in neck shoulders did amazing job as my horse being a cob won dressage test at Somerby Equestrian
    Bev Cardall
  • Sophie Hyett
    After my girl broke her leg in 2012, my friend recommended Laura! After just 1 treatment she was a much happier mare and is now completely sound 4 years on and always get very excited when she see's Laura come on the yard! Very understanding and patient and I wouldn't trust anyone else! X
    Sophie Hyett
  • Cathryn Fay Williams-Howlett
    Laura massaged my ex racehorse once a month for at least a year! Every time Laura massaged her, I would ride her the next day and she was like a new horse! She was so relaxed during the massages, where normally she could get quite agitated when standin...
    Cathryn Fay Williams-Howlett